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About Us

Your neighbourhood restaurant bringing up the taste of authentic South Tamilnadu Zamindari, Mughlai, Awadhi cuisines to tantalize your taste buds. MERSAL stands for a wonderful wealth of meaning. We aim to make you feel that you are at home, eating the most delicious food prepared with taste, flavour love beauty and essence. Mersal Biryani a seasoned foodie, has meticulously brought together all elements to satisfy the five senses and more.

Food is linked to everything in life, health, well being and happiness, we provide you food of the best quality, cooked by traditional authentic and unique recipes followed through many generations, with secret ingredients, like a mother, your satisfaction is our only motto. On popular request our menu is varied with happy surprises. We now offer Chinese, Tandoori, North Indian , Malaysian and Continental cuisine. We offer takeaway, free home delivery, Orphanage delivery, Old age home delivery and undertake party orders as well. Have food at MERSAL BIRYANI and you will never stop coming backā€¦

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